Jan Machenhauer Shirts are designed by a small, intimate staff in Jan Machenhauer’s Tailoring Studio, in Frederiksberg Copenhagen. The patterns are draped in order to achieve the perfect fit, where handsewn twills works as prototypes to develop the innovative techniques and detailing, unique to Jan’s designs.

The shirts are tailored made in India, in a close collaboration since 2012. Twice a year, Jan travels to India to oversee the production and carefully chose materials first hand.  In the production each tailor is in charge of the production of one shirt, from cutting stage to finished product. Only in this way, and because Indian tailors is some of the best, it is possible to reach the perfect finish of the Jan Machenhauer Shirts.

(Working in India and in close collaboration with the local craftsmen is a source of inspiration on both sides. The Indian partners acquire new skills in their own element without ever doing work that feel unnatural to them, which greatly benefit the result of the products.)